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European Dance Center

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Become approved European Dance Council - EDC Dance Center.

If your school/association/federation is interested in becoming an approved EDC Dance Centre, you would need to meet certain requirements.

Applications to become an approved EDC dance center are welcome at any time, exclusive or non-exclusive for each country.

Requirements to become an approved EDC dance center

1.) To have a registered legal body (studio/association/federation/company).

2.) The legal body must be registered for a minimum of 1 year.

3.) To conduct an EDC medal test the organizer must be approved EDC dance center.

4.) The approval should be renewed yearly.

There are two types of approved EDC dance center membership:

- exclusive for each country - only 1 approved EDC dance center per country

- non-exclusive for each country - multiple approved EDC centers per country

The Medal Test is an opportunity to have your dancing progress evaluated and critiqued by an independent source other than your teacher. This process assures those high-quality standards are maintained among EDC affiliate dance centers and that you are being taught in accordance with a worldwide standard of dancing.

Working towards a medal test is fun and gives your lessons a sharp focus, as you learn details about dancing that you might otherwise overlook. The medal test provides a tangible goal in time and will motivate both the teacher and the student. It is a milestone in the student’s learning process which marks the completion of one level, opening the door to the next dance challenge.

Working towards a medal test affords many of the same benefits enjoyed by competing amateur dancers but without the stress of competition and public display.

Students who take medal tests learn faster and dance better than those who don’t. Teachers who prepare students for medal tests teach more thoroughly and have the satisfaction of producing a better dancer.

Aside from boosting the dancers’ own morale and self-esteem, the purpose and aim of Medal Test Assessments are:

  • To help teachers provide structured and progressive learning for pupils

  • To encourage young people to maintain and develop their interest in European quality of dance equally

  • To improve their standard of dance

* Rules and the guidelines of the EDC Medal Tests - PDF

The list of the approved EDC dance centers:


M&M Production - non-exclusive member for 2022/2023.


Dance Club 92 Courbevoie - non-exclusive member for 2022/2023.


Sanur Dance Studio - exclusive member for 2022/2023.


IDF - exclusive member for 2022/2023.


APPDSI - exclusive member for 2022/2023.


Sunny Low Dance Production Studio - exclusive member for 2022/2023.

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