About Us

The mission of the EDC consists of promoting the values of dance art and dance education, encouraging and popularizing dance creativity, gathering and exchanging artistic achievements, and solving the issue of social legislation of our members. 


The Association operates as a platform for many legal bodies of the dance community that works in an unorthodox way to create institutional preconditions for artistic, cultural, and academic production with a particular focus on union organising and developing better, fairer, and more productive working conditions for dance artists and cultural workers, strengthening public-civil partnerships and the role of dance artists in self-management of resources for their own work and defending intellectual and material common good in art, culture, and society in general.‎

Association also opens the space for the dance community to analytically review and criticise existing legislative, administrative, and administrative frameworks. In the absence of a implementable cultural policy and systemic guidelines for the development of dance art, dance education, the dance community, through the work of the association, takes on an engaged role in creating itself.

The Membership of the European Dance Council is free of charge  for everyone who seeks to become a member.

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Marko Ciboci


                         Vice President
Michel Aufrere


Kristina Kljajic

Board of Directors:


Aleena Tan



Luisa Freitas



Nino Romano